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41421-02000 Clutch Release Bearings

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    The compatible part numbers for this part are:
    This fits the following cars:
    Year Make Model
    1998-2002 HYUNDAI ATOZ
    1999-2014 HYUNDAI AMICA
    2001-2014 HYUNDAI ATOZ
    2001-2014 HYUNDAI AMICA
    2003-2014 HYUNDAI AMICA
    2004-2014 KIA PICANTO
    2005-2014 KIA PICANTO
    2004-2014 HYUNDAI ATOZ
    2005-2014 HYUNDAI AMICA
    2008-2014 HYUNDAI i10
    2007-2014 HYUNDAI i10

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