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Brake Pads

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    The compatible part numbers for this part are:
    A-167K 572284B AF5035 CD5035 FD6454A 180609
    This fits the following cars:
    Year Make Model
    1983-1985 HONDA ACCORD Mk II (AC, AD)  [1983-1985]
    1983-1985 HONDA ACCORD Mk II Hatchback (AC, AD)  [1983-1985]
    1988-1995 HONDA CIVIC Mk II Estate (EE)  [1988-1995]
    1984-1985 HONDA Accord 1984-1985
    1988-1991 HONDA Civic 1988-1991
    1993-1997 HONDA Civic del Sol S 1993-1997
    1993-1994 HONDA Civic del Sol Si 1993-1994
    1992-1993 HONDA Civic Si 1992-1993
    1988-1989 HONDA Civic Station Wagon 1988-1989
    1988-1989 HONDA CRX 1988-1989
    1990-1991 HONDA CRX DX 1990-1991

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