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We are the best Chinese service provider in the independent aftermarket !

With 16 years of automotive aftermarket experience, QYT continues to provide high-quality original quality substitute products and purchasing assistance for the aftermarket. Our range of more than 36,000 technical spare parts for passenger cars,commercial vehicles is growing steadily .And keep them high price elasticity, wide source and strict quality assurance, so that they can meet the diversified needs of the purchaser.

Provide better parts and solutions

We always stand in the position of customers to consider the procurement problems, simplify the procurement process in an efficient, simple and highly guaranteed way, and consider the new trend of procurement to cope with market changes. Our aim is to provide better parts and solutions for the independent aftermarket, We keep an eye on the current trends and developments so that our customers are always one step ahead.

QYT focus



We are a system supplier for Global auto afternarket dealers


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Product range



we have an extensive range of auto parts

With our QYT-branded products we supply extremely reliable and durable automotive spare parts manufactured at our own production sites and at trusted production partners. QYT boasts a comprehensive and highly diversified product range. Whether chassis and steering components, hub and bearing parts, brake components, suspension and damping parts, enging and transmission parts ,filters, drive train components or some body parts –QYT is synonymous with top-grade quality-tested spare parts.



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