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We are a system supplier for Global auto aftermarket distributer

we have an extensive range of auto parts.


With our QYT-branded products we supply extremely reliable and durable automotive spare parts manufactured at our own production sites and at trusted production partners.

QYT boasts a comprehensive and highly diversified product range. Whether chassis and steering components, huand bearing parts,brake components, suspension and damping parts, enging and transmission parts ,filters, drive train components or some body parts

–QYT is synonymous with top-grade quality-tested spare parts.



QYT focus
Brake, hydraulic & Related 
Suspension & Related 
Bearings, hubs & kits
- Brake pads
- Control Arms
- Wheel bearings
- Brake disc/rotor - Stabilizer/Stabilizer link - Wheel hub bearings
- Brake Calipers - Ball Joint - Belt tensioners
- Brake  Cylinder - Arm bushs - Idler pulleys
- Brake Hoses - Bushing kits - Clutch release bearings
- Brake Drums - Suspension Kits - Gearbox bearings
- Brake shoes   - Roller Bearings
- Clutch Cylinders    
Steering & Related 
Shocks, Struts & Dampers
Metal Rubber parts (NVH) 
-  Tie rod end
- Shock & Strut
- Engine mounts
-  Tie rod/Con rod - Air shock absorber - Transmission mounts
-  Steering rack and pinion assembly - Hydraulic Damper - Shock absorber upper mounts
-  Steering Knuckle - Magnetic damper - Suspension bushings
- Center link - Shock absorber Kits - Dust Covers
- Steering Kits   - Other chassis Rubber Parts


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