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From Development up to Market Launch


We understand OE – because we are OE.

Each Lemförder spare part undergoes a long, complex development process before it gets to market. Take a look at our development department and you will see why our decades of OE experience and state-of-the-art expertise make all the difference.
Research and development

Research and development

The preliminary design on the screen kicks off the development of a chassis component. Our experienced engineers create, in collaboration with the vehicle manufacturers, the material requirements, the geometry, the design and the configuration of the mounting points for each component being developed. The expected requirements regarding the acting forces and the available installation space are also factored in, along with the interaction with the directly connected chassis parts. The vehicle manufacturer sets out these parameters in a requirement specification.

The first computer simulations, e.g. FEM strength analyses, are then run. Once these have been successfully completed, the design release feeds into the next step which involves building the initial prototypes.


Initial prototypes are usually milled from a solid block. 3D models provided from Development are prepared accordingly for CNC machining.

Here creativity coupled with absolute precision is the order of the day.

What hitherto only existed virtually inside the computer is now turned into something real and tangible.

After the part release, the next stage involves producing small quantities from near-production tools (e.g. forged control arms).


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