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Wheel bearing kits

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  • OEM Part Number:
    200012,303748017, 3748.17,95654078, CBK035、95654078
    The compatible part numbers for this part are:
    335019,374817, 374839
    This fits the following cars:
    Year Make Model
    1991-1998  Citroën ZX
    05/1998-06/2003  Citroën CHAANSON(S0,S1)
    09/1996-09/2003  Citroën SAXO
    01/1985-06/1986  Citroën VISA
    02/1998-09/2000  Citroën XSARA Coupe
    02/2003- DACIA SOLENZA
    04/2000-03/2003 DACIA SUPERNOVA
    09/1991-04/1996 PEUGEOT  106 I (1A, 1C)

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