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Brake Slave Cylinders

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  • OEM Part Number:
    3147030222 31470-30220 31470-30221
    The compatible part numbers for this part are:
    71718  8502234   514034B 1105116  3531 PJF116 J2602034    NZ20019
    This fits the following cars:
    Year Make Model
    1980-1985 TOYOTA CROWN Saloon (_S1_)  
    1982-1989 TOYOTA HIACE II Box (LH5_, YH7_, LH7_, LH6_, YH6_, YH5_)  
    1982-1989 TOYOTA HIACE II Wagon (LH7_, LH5_, LH6_, YH7_, YH6_, YH5_)  
    1984 TOYOTA LAND CRUISER - BUNDERA (PZJ7_, KZJ7_, HZJ7_, BJ7_, LJ7_, RJ7  
    1986-1993 TOYOTA SUPRA (JZA70_, GA70_, MA70)  
    1981-1985 TOYOTA SUPRA (MA61, _A6_)  
    1983-2005 TOYOTA TACOMA II Pickup (RN6_, RN5_, LN6_, YN6_, YN5_, LN5_)  

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