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There are three basic, dynamic elements of every vehicle: accelerating, changing direction and stopping. The function of stopping being controlled by the braking system is one of the most important, safety related systems in any vehicle and is indispensable for active and passive passenger safety and security.

We provide complete All-Makes range of more than 2,800 brake friction components for Asian ,North America and European vehicle applications for brake discs and pads launched after the year 1990

All components are developed and manufactured  with amazing OE compatibility to be direct replacements with rigorous and systematic quality checks to ensure for the continuous supply of quality products

Since friction braking parts are critical, safety related products, quality is of the utmost importance. As a means of guaranteeing the continuous provision of high-quality components, each stage of the production process undergoes sample analysis controlling for conformity and accuracy.


The complete range of brake components at a glance
                                              - Brake pads                         - Brake  Cylinders                          - Brake Hoses
                          - Brake disc/rotors                 - Clutch Cylinders
                          - QYT Brake Kits
                          - Brake Drums
                          - Brake Shoes


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